Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid-Week Boredom...

When you have nothing else to say post Guns N' Roses videos/pictures/songs ... right? Alright on with it.

Love the original version too...God only knows what Axl was doin listening to the Skyliners...

and now back to business...

Pitchfork is this weekend in Chicago and I know many of you are excited, I can't say I share your enthusiasm. I think Sunday Night is the Night though with The Walkmen + Blitzen Trapper + Grizzly Bear + The Flaming Lips.

I know, I know, I'm crazy because the National are performing Saturday and I'm choosing Sunday as 'the night to go' while I write for a blog named after one of the National's lyrics. The Dutchess & The Duke has my curiousity though for Saturday afternoon...but... I'll be ON A BOAT! or maybe just a dinghy.

Schubas has some good shows this weekend, you know I'm geeked for Those Darlins on Friday for $10, hopefully I make it over there. Cheap Schlitz on tap is always a bonus. Saturday night they got Plants and Animals who we've seen there previously along with another band new on our radar The Generationals.

Schubas website

Some other shows I think are notable or just funny:

Bell Biv Devoe is scheduled to come to the Chicago area 8/22 @ the Country Club Hills Theater

Drummer will be performing @ Schubas 10/23 (Patrick Carney, of the Black Keys, side project)
Rolling Stone's Smoking Section has more to say on the band and their new album 'Feel Good Together' along with sample track of the same name.

Grizzly Bear @ the Metro 7/27, 7/28

Immortal Technique @ Abbey Pub 9/26 ... Im as scared of this show as I am excited

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