Saturday, July 18, 2009

The National @ Pitchfork 7/18/09 Setlist

The National @ Pitchfork 7/18/09
I was a long way from the actual festival, but watched The National's set at Pitchfork from the couch at home. Not quite the same, but better than nothing I suppose. Maybe somebody out there will send us some pics (update: kz did. see above) but in the meantime here's the setlist from tonight's show. Looked like fun. Anybody in attendance have any thoughts?

The National @ Pitchfork Music Fest, Chicago, IL 7/18/09 Setlist:

1. The Runaway
2. Start A War
3. Mistaken For Strangers
4. Brainy
5. Secret Meeting
6. Baby, We'll Be Fine
7. Slow Show
8. Vanderlylle Cry Baby
9. Squalor Victoria
10. Abel
11. All The Wine
12. Apartment Story
13. Ada
14. Green Gloves
15. Fake Empire
16. Blood Buzz Ohio
17. Mr. November

1. About Today

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  1. Matt was housed but genial. He got everyone's attention with Abel, and from then one the whole crowd was theirs. I think The National was a very apt headliner and a friend said they didn't treat it like a festival set, they treated it like a gig where they had plenty of time, if that makes any sense (my mind is not right). Thanks for posting the setlist.

  2. National was great. If you caught them at Lollapalooza last year, it's no suprise you new what they would bring. Sound, lighting, and setlist was almost perfect.

  3. Great show. But way too similar to their show the previous night at the Pabst. They should've known a lot of people would be seeing both and mixed it up a bit. All the Wine was a nice addition, though.

  4. i agree. i was happy to hear all the wine and brainy! especially since we had wanted to hear them the night before.