Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rocker Hottie Of The Week: Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine)

Our Rocker Hottie of the Week is Florence Welch. She performs under the name 'Florence and The Machine' and has been puting out tracks of a sort of Soulful Indie Rock for some time now. I'm not always crazy about Brits or Red Heads but this one seems alright with me (I think those stems did it for me).


Check out her sounds ...

Florence & The Machine -You've Got The Love

Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

and her sites...

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  1. the last picture in the green dress is actually jenny lewis

  2. its true it is jenny

  3. I've never noticed her eyes are brown... (which is not). Last one surely is gorgeous jenny lewis ;)

  4. Florence is absolutely gorgeous and she can sing :) Shes perfect!