Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Out of the Silence: Emmit-Nershi Band, Chicago Farmer

Its been a week of radio silence, not sure if its the holidays, the weather or what, but we've hit a lull. Jim must be getting ready for his trip down to S.A. and I'm not sure what exactly my excuse is. Anyway, getting pumped to hit Bluegrass and Blues Fest at Congrtess this Saturday. 11am - midnight I'll be stomping my feet, and snapping away a few photos. I've just started digging into the lineup and I gotta say Im excited about not knowing most of these bands. Here are a few tracks I've been groovin'

Emmitt-Nershi Band - New Country Blues

Chicago Farmer:

listen at Hypem

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  1. You guys recommend Chicago Farmer? He'll be out in the DeKalb area soon and was thinking about checking him out, real small venue too.

  2. Yeh from what Ive searched out on Hypem Id say id recommend him. I'll report more on him after I see him this Saturday

  3. Chicago Farmer didn't dissapoint, played some good tunes, wish he did more. I picked up his album 'About Time' good stuff for sure, Id recommend seeing him for sure. I'll get a more detailed post out soon enough