Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Genius Heroes Radio Show!

We've been relatively quiet for awhile now at Happy Genius Heroes. We had some tech hangups, some extended travel, and some general life changes of the contributors that made this whole thing tougher to keep going.

Things have settled down some and we're ready (I think) to get some action going here again.

The biggest recent development is that we have a radio show now. Pretty cool, right? Yesterday saw the debut of Happy Genius Heroes Radio on WBSL 91.7 in Western Massachusetts and streaming live on the internet HERE.

The show will run from 7-8am EDT every Thursday. We'll be playing all kinds of music. If you read this blog even a little you have an idea of the type of stuff you can expect to hear. So tune in, check it out. Send us a note if you'd like to hear something or you have any suggestions.

The link again to listen on the interwebs is HERE.

MAC users might need the flip4mac plugin to listen. You can get that HERE.

I'll remind you again, but until next Thursday morning...

Stay clean. Stay safe.



  1. god I love your silky voice.

  2. Congrats guys, that's awesome

  3. Anon and Jett, thanks for the kind words.