Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Morning Jacket 8/17/10 Chicago, IL Pictures

My Morning Jacket
A little late I know. Better late than never? Fun show. Ran into A LOT of familiar faces. Some good extended jams on some of the more familiar tunes (Gideon). We got to here a song from Carl's new solo album and a new tune that MMJ has been playing lately, 'Circuital'.
My Morning Jacket
Always good times with these guys. Riley went on to see them again 8/29 in Pittsburgh. I dunno if any a/v materials made it from that show, but here's a couple more decent pics from Chicago.
My Morning Jacket
Jim James
My Morning Jacket 8/17/10


  1. I like the new layout, where you guys been?!?

  2. J, thanks for checking in. It's been too long. Let's just say that 'real' life had been getting in the way of our housekeeping here at HGH.

    Some good new stuff to come though.

    Be well.