Monday, June 21, 2010

Delta Spirit @ Metro, Chicago, IL 6/19/10

Delta Spirit @ Metro
We've been to a lot of shows in the past 16 months or so since the inception of this blog. Delta Spirit was one of our earliest reviews after Riley saw them at Double Door last Feb. and I saw them at Bowery Ballroom a week later. Their debut album Ode To Sunshine has been in heavy rotation for much of that time. It was truly a treat to see them perform a little over a year later in support of their latest release, History From Below.

The Romany Rye opened the evening with an impressive set that I'm certain had the lucky folks at Metro early enough to catch them saying, "I need to get those guy's album." I know I said it. Hometown favorite Ezra Furman and The Harpoons took the stage next for a high energy set that got the crowd ready for the main attraction.
Delta Spirit @ Metro
It was about 10pm when Delta Spirit took the stage and opened with a little 'People Turn Around' teaser. Their performance was awesome. They mixed tracks from their new album with favorites from the old and while I admit I don't have the new one I was impressed with those tunes. Sophomore efforts can be tough but it appears that Delta Spirit has matched their debut LP in terms of consistent song quality.
Delta Spirit @ Metro
Lead singer, Matt Vasquez led the energetic crowd through a solid showing of jams fast and slow. Despite the bands' constant touring and recent success you get a sense that these guys are truly appreciative of the fan support...and Chicago gave them a healthy dose. The band and the crowd fed off each other's energy and it made for a memorable show. One of the best concerts I've seen in awhile. Vasquez went so far as to meet fans in the Metro lobby as they exited the building. Great to see that after such a fun show. Now I gotta go get that new album...

Delta Spirit - "People C'mon"

Delta Spirit @ Metro

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  1. Thanks for introducing Delta Sport - a wonderful group! I've read about their History from Below album as "one of the finest albums you’ll hear this year". They say that the album is inspired by Howard Zinn’s novel “A People’s History of The United States,” and is truly a miraculous gift to the listeners. Haven't listen to it yet, Just found it at and is going to enjoy it :)