Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Genius Heroes Radio Recap 10/7

Fun show today. Happy Birthday wishes to big bro Krystof is always a good excuse to lead with some GNR. It was a nice to treat to have Mr. D join us in the studio and I think we got in some good music today as well. Always a pleasure to get a couple phone calls from listeners as well, it being a day off on campus.

I mentioned the link to the website today on the air, so for those of you checking in for the first time, do some exploring. I would encourage you to use the artist labels to find info on specific bands or just roll back through the archives using the links at right.

A few highlights from today's show for your continued listening pleasure or if you couldn't make the early live broadcast.

Phosphorescent - The Mermaid Parade

Titus Andronicus - A More Perfect Union

The Tallest Man on Earth - King of Spain

The Decemberists feat. Shara Worden - The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid


  1. Whoops-forgot to listen this morning, so thanks for putting up the reminder and some of the songs. I especially enjoyed The Tallest Man on Earth. Luckily you'll be back next week...

  2. As you said, there's always next week.