Friday, April 9, 2010

Deer Tick w/ Those Darlins @ Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL 4/8/10 (review, videos)

Christine & Chris
We don't play favorites here at HGH...well usually not, but our little buddy CL is constantly asking at every show, "Who's your favorite in the band?". As a concert goer you don't always have a lot to go on to answer the question. Does the stage banter strike you as genuine? Do you appreciate the yeoman-like workmanship of the supporting musicians? Are the drummers facial expressions striking you the wrong way? These are the types of questions you might use to decide...who IS your favorite in the band? Last night's Deer Tick show was no exception.

Our friend CL was all over it from the jump, "The bassist is my favorite." Well, we had a chance to chat with Chris after the show and snag a quick picture of him with his new #1 fan. There's early talk of a side project band Chris & Christine...we'll see how that works out. Honestly Chris seemed like a genuinely good dude. He wasn't the least bit thrown off when CL asked him if he was "...friends w/ his parents."

When Chris wasn't fielding questions about the familial support he may or may not receive he was holding down the bassline for the show. A little different this time on the bass guitar whereas last time through town he was on the upright bass. This wasn't the only change in the band's look as it seems like they were 1 guitarist short from last time they played in Chicago. This might have been Ian O'Neill from Titus Andronicus who played some dates with them in the fall. Anyway, he wasn't there this time. I wonder what effect that had on the show. I recall being impressed by the guy's playing.

Gravel voiced lead singer John MacCauley mentioned being really f-ed up last time in Chicago, so maybe that was the difference. Maybe it has to do with touring with your gal pal’s band, but things seemed kinda dialed down compared to what we’ve seen from each of these bands in the past. Despite a little lower energy level they were some memorable highlights from the show. The cover of Chuck Berry’s “Maybelline” was pretty cool; made even cooler with on-the-spot crowd member Josh Johnson being pulled on stage to play harmonica for the song. I always like the tune “Cake and Eggs”, good to see the Darlin/MacCauley couple duet that one.
In general though maybe it was just the fact that, as CL pointed out, the slower songs of the night were the stronger ones and this gave the show a distinctly more mellow feel as compared with the show in the fall. The band slowed it down on ‘Ashamed’. This had been a raucous crowd sing along and was now a crooner special. Are the guys growing up? Getting sober? Or soft? Maybe none of the above and it was just a little toned down from shows past. It was a good time nonetheless.

Check out a few of the videos from the night.

Those Darlins w/ John MacCauley - "The Whole Damn Thing"

Deer Tick - "Easy"

Deer Tick - "Maybelline"

Deer Tick w/ Nikki Darlin - "Cake & Eggs"


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