Monday, March 22, 2010

MGMT New Album 'Congratulations' Leaks

MGMT's latest effort, Congratulations, has been leaked. The album was scheduled for release April 13th, but the interwebs couldn't wait. You can hear the album in its entirety at MGMT's website. A little searching and you could probably find the download as well (not that we condone that sort of thing).

After the '07 release of Oracular Spectacular and the subsequent 3 years that MGMT has spent to, "...make some music, make some money, find some models for wives," I wonder how sick of those tunes the band has become. Band member Ben Goldwasser assured us "There definitely isn't a 'Time To Pretend' or a 'Kids' on the album," in a Jan. interview w/ NME. Is that a good thing? Those WERE jams. Albeit entirely worn out these days, but we could use some replacements. Maybe it's too much to hope for a new summer anthem on this album, but can we agree that we don't fill that void with MGMT's summer anthems from '08? (yes, released in '07, but seems that it took 'til '08 to be impossible to avoid)

Have a listen. Let us know what you think. And if no '10 summer jams here, where are we looking for one (or more)?


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