Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Dank went to hear Pinback last night @ the Bottom Lounge here in Chicago, I wish I joined him...

'Great show last night, didn't catch the opener because...I don't do openers, not my style.  But Pinback was great.  They are very bass-driven, it's a cool sound.  They have two dudes playing bass on at least half of their songs.  The lead singer/lead guit-fiddler is this big fat dude with a ginormous beard who was just chuggin what looked to be newcastles throughout the night.  He can really put them away.  I bought a CD.  I really like both of these tunes. The 2nd one is a little better known and has a fun chorus, but they're both good.  Pick one, get lost in it...' - DK

'Non Photo-Blue'

'Good to Sea'

Good looks buddy!


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1 comment:

  1. Do you have or know of anyone that has video or audio of when they played "Grey Machine"?????? It was so amazing I would love to hear it again, but the I only have a studio recorded version.