Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Phishy Dreams

Dunno if reading this article about reprogramming our dreams just before a nap influenced this at all, but I just woke up from a good one...

Cue Wayne and Garth and the "do-do-do, do-do-do" that takes us into dreamland...

I was at a small musical venue with Riley. It was a slow night at the venue, a Sunday or Monday perhaps and we're there waiting for some band to come on when behind us we hear the opening to Phish's "Squirming Coil". We turn and can't see anything at first, but then a spotlight illuminates a small stage in the back and it's Jon Fishman leading a band of unknowns in a rendition of that tune. No Trey. No Page. No Mike. Fishman on lead guitar.
The audience (myself included) is pretty fired up. Many turn to take pictures. Riley doesn't hesitate and runs to the stage though (w/ his guitar. In dreamland he could've had it in his back pocket.). He is at first slowed down by Fishman's bandmates as he tries to climb onstage, but after some words w/ Fishman he is welcomed to join the band for the song.
They plug him in and Fishman looks at me and asks if he knows how to play. To which I respond "Turn him up to 11, he'll get it." This doesn't make a lot of sense since Riley has an acoustic guitar but in the dreamworld they do just this. Riley fumbles through the start, but by the solo he is owning it. It was awesome. Riley triumphantly placed his guitar upside down and raised his arms to crowd applause.

Then for some reason I went on a quest to find one of those old school sprayers for pesticide because I wanted to shoot a can of soda water on everyone...weird, but I woke up in a good mood and thought I'd share.

The Squirming Coil of sunset
I keep within my reach
Tried yesterday to get away
and hitchhiked to the beach

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