Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Listens: Curtis Evans 'Life With The Buffalo'

We always love new music here at HGH. Sometimes it takes us awhile to find time to digest new material. I have to admit it has taken me some time to sit down and listen to this album, but I was intrigued by the fact that Curtis Evans is a hometown Chicago product and his full length debut, Life With The Buffalo, was released on Grape Juice Records just days before my birthday last year...and the fact that The Chicago Reader described Evans as "frighteningly if Hank Williams had tried a little of what Nick Cave's been drinking." That was enough to get me interested.

...And the album doesn't disappoint. Check it out yourself. I have a couple tracks here to sample and you can listen to the full album over at Curtis' bandcamp page. Evans also has recorded a Daytrotter session. Be sure to keep an eye for it. Happy listening and let me know what you think.


Curtis Evans - Windows

Curtis Evans - Mark of the Beast

Go get yourself a copy of the album at Amazon or itunes.

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  1. Thank goodness for HGH on a Snow day! good chance to listen to new music-thanks.