Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Orleans Jazz Fest - Saturday 4/24/10 & George Porter @ d.b.a.

Funky Meters on Acura Stage
As we continue our recounting of our experience in New Orleans for the Jazz and Heritage festival’s first weekend I need to make a note that both Friday and Saturday we received our pre festival sustenance at Mother’s Restaurant. Friday it was one of these:

The Ferdi Special Po Boy. Saturday it was a crawfish omelet. It was all kinds of good both days and served as a good base for the festivities each time.

Saturday in a lot of ways was all about the My Morning Jacket setfor us. It was also however about Riley coming through with a great hook up…and it did finally stop raining.

After raining all day Friday it started off cloudy out at the racetrack, but was soon a hot one. Thankfully while we watched Cowboy Mouth in the early afternoon we found our way to the Miller Lite tent. The Kid had done his legwork. He had a name. She remembered him and the 4 members of our party were admitted to the Miller Lite tent. We were out of the sun. We could sit and rest a minute. We could watch a live feed and listen to the different stages…oh and we each could have 4 free adult beverages. BUCKEYE RILEY!


We watched The Funky Meters and some Better Than Ezra and enjoyed the shade and cold drinks before the big MMJ show. #1 Star of the Weekend to Riley for that pull alone (he also hooked up the hotel and the plane tickets, so he is officially THE MAN).

Bourbon Street

After a great day at the festival we were in for a big Saturday. After the requisite grub was consumed we met up with our bud LEB and friends for a little soiree. She has some great pictures of the festival. Be sure to check em out here, here, here, and here.

George Porter Jr. and the Runnin' Pardners

About midnight folks started to disperse to their selected live music venue of choice for the night. We made our way to d.b.a. to see George Porter Jr. and The Runnin’ Pardners. We had seen/heard Porter earlier in the day perform with The Funky Meters. Good times to see him in a more intimate environment. We met some cool people there and sure enough in the wee hours of the morning our old friend Maurice Brown made an appearance onstage to join Porter and his band.

doin it

After a few short days we came to realize that’s kind of how New Orleans works; you never know who you’ll run into or where you’ll end up, but odds are there’s a familiar and friendly face around the corner sometime soon.

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